This shoe was made in collaboration with Lauren Klein (RISD Textiles '18). My inspiration and starting point for this shoe comes from Prada Spring 2017 flower sandals and heels series (photo shown on the right). The technique of using a tread in a decorative way throughout the shoe as well as functionally on the sole of the shoe really inspired me. With this in mind, I explored several pattern structures which could function in a similar way. At the time I was looking at a lot of industrial materials and eventually settled upon diamond plate. The sole of the shoe is cast urethane rubber dyed red—I tried several types of rubbers and played with different opacities. The diamonds of the diamond plate pattern are also cast and dyed urethane rubber. Lauren wove the textile on the loom while keeping in mind that she needed a balanced weave that was subtle and structurally sound. She wove the fabric with the same wool throughout that has a strong, durable, soft, and balanced twill. Lauren worked with me to develop the striping pattern to make it easier for me to place the diamonds when adhering them to the shoe. The stripes alternate with the height of each diamond tread and the direction helps place the diamonds to be congruent with their movement.