In collaboration with classmate Kush Parekh (RISD ID '17) we created an iPhone application that allows users to synchronize their iPhone audio output. Up to six users with the app can play the same playlist simultaneously connecting over Bluetooth. This app enlists a product that we already have, our phones, to be utilized as a more effective speaker. The app also has a social element in which it allows personalized settings for group dj-ing, favoriting friends songs, and personalizing features for your account identity. After beginning the project we discovered an app with a similar goal in the iTunes store but we felt the user experience could be greatly improved aesthetically, functionally, and with additional features.

AUX allows the user to favorite songs and track information can be saved for later. The app can connect to the user's other music sources such as Apple Music, Spotify, or SoundCloud.


Please view the prototype video below.